What is This?

Micro.blog is a community, much like Facebook or Twitter, but without the horrible security practices and corporate overlords. In that respect, it’s more like running your own WordPress site, but you get the social aspect of Facebook or Twitter too!

Stalking Me Like an Ex-Girlfriend

You can visit my website (ZakWinnick.com) to see what I’m up to. If you feel it is necessary, you can follow me on Twitter as well. A lot of my posts on here get cross-posted there. Some stuff is exclusive to either platform.

If you feel particularly saucy, you can subscribe directly to my site via RSS or JSON using a service like Feedbin, or be really cool and join the collective at Micro.blog.

What about Comments and Likes?

I’m not that vain and don’t need your validation!

However, if you want to comment, you can always join us, or reply back on Twitter (if it’s posted there). E-mail works as well.

Why I’m Doing This

If we’re friends on Facebook, you know I’m always posting about Network Security (NetSec) stuff in relation to internet privacy. This is probably the best way to manage that. No more companies selling your data to Trump. No more 300 lbs. Russian hackers sitting on their beds, reading your e-mail. Just good ol’ open source magic and some great, new friends.