First post from the new MarsEdit 4.

It’s pretty snazzy!

Excellent work, @danielpunkass. That was an easy $50 to spend.

Well, that was a great meeting. All my projects for 2018 were approved with the exception of one (with good reason). I’d say that’s pretty successful.

Just found that one of my favourite coffee places here has a bakery down the street from me that opens at 7! As if I needed another coffee place for the mornings…

Finally got my email for the EDU FCP/Logic bundle. Came in the form of a secure PDF, with a separate email with the password. Weird…

Why does it take 1-3 business days to generate an App Store code for the FCP/Logic educational bundle?

It’s not like they actually check your education eligibility…

Repurposed my ‘old’ iPhone 7 Plus as a permanent controller for my DJI products (Mavic Pro and Osmo+). I’m a bit annoyed that I have to use two separate apps (DJI Go 4 for the Mavic, and DJI Go for the Osmo+), but I think it’s pretty cool.

Speaking of microcasts…

Just checked the stats for Sync in Progress

Which one of you all is on ChromeOS?!

Also…hello to my Finnish and Swedish listeners! I’m jealous of where you live.

Happy to see more people getting into Microcasting. I think it’s a fun way to add a bit of flair to everyone’s feeds.

I can’t wait for @manton to add audio support to I’ve got a couple of ideas I’d like to try out.

Just finished ‘Origin’, the new Robert Langdon book by Dan Brown.

Wasn’t great, but still really good. Deals a lot with religion v. science, and even has some AI morality thrown into it.

I gave it 5/5 on Goodreads, but it’s more of a 4.5 because it was a bit slow in parts.

As much as I dislike living in Tennessee, it’s drives like this that make me appreciate it more than I care to admit.

Plane has two bent valve rods, so we’re grounded today. Oh well. I’d rather have a plane in working order than one that won’t work at all…Tradition resumes next year.

It’s so weird how you can always find inspiration in the weirdest places. For the second week in a row I have had something inspire me when I wasn’t thinking about it, and now I have the second character for my book.