Good morning, from the central office.

We got a mini owl to put on this table in our sitting room.

Bella is fascinated with it…

Gotta love early voting…and the TN “I Voted” sticker.

Spent last night in Downtown Nashville with the family.

These were shot on the GoPro Hero 8, and I’m really impressed.

Testing out the new GoPro Hero 8 Black on Bella and Flynn.

Spent the morning at the Elvis Presley Birthplace and Museum.

Pretty cool, even for this Beatles guy.

Hello from scenic Tupelo, MS!

Taken from the Jackson Street Bridge in Atlanta, GA. Slightly edited in the Retouch iOS app (to remove all the cars), and Lightroom Mobile (color/contrast/etc).

A random courtyard in Savannah, GA

Driving from Savannah to Atlanta to escape Hurricane Dorian (we were supposed to be on Hilton Head Island this week for our annual vacation).

We stopped in Juliette, GA which is where they filmed Fried Green Tomatoes.

Is it a new airport credit if you’ve already been to the airport, but only the Supercharger, and have never flown into said airport?

My first interview as IT Manager for my company.

I’m pretty proud of this one.

Well, hello there…

Got these awesome stickers, inspired by attractions at Universal Orlando, from @robjyeo (on Twitter)

It’s awesome wall art for my new house.

It’s also a fun moment for me, as the majority of these attractions were produced by my dad. He would have loved all of these stickers.

Just when I thought I had an original idea for a musical composition…

Bob Culbertson - Didgeridoo and Chapman Stick (Live)

In KY, driving back from a wedding.

It doesn’t get any more beautiful than this…

In looking for some old podcasts for a new project, I came across this awesome blog post I wrote back in 2007. I still remember that flight…and I’m still that snooty about flying.

100% First Class -

Coffee from my favourite coffee place in Nashville (Steadfast Coffee) this morning (as usual…I have a subscription). Best one they sent in a long time. I definitely have a preference for African coffees (Kona coffee is my 2nd favourite).

Let’s play “Spot the Kitty”…

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am that King Crimson is now on Apple Music! Not that I don’t have all of their albums, but it’s a big move considering Robert Fripp was always against streaming music services.

Summer has come to the Rooftop @ the Bobby Hotel

Opened a 3 year old (plastic) bottle of Crystal Pepsi. It was flat, and tasted like plastic. Then, I opened a 2 year old (glass) bottle of Coke, and it was still fizzy and tasted great. 🧐

New toy for the summer…(cameo by Bella)

I call this one “The Ocean’s 11 Shot”.

(Taken from the Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay)

Enjoying the beautiful weather, and my awesome backyard.