I love when my Director of Loss Prevention brings me presents.

Today, I am now the proud owner of a Magic Mouse 2. She’s a little beat up, but free is free!

Well, that was fun. First tornado warning of the season. Luckily, the warning blew through south and east of us.

Day 7: Shadow

In honor of my black kitty, Clarice, who we had to put down tonight. This was one of her favorite spots in our old house. It made for some interesting pictures.

I’m way too indecisive. Switched the platform for ZakWinnick.com from WordPress to Known.

I was inspired by @cleverdevil’s site, but decided to go with a different theme.

It’s a little tricky to get to do what you want, but it’s a fun journey.

I’ve taken to listening to Beats 1 radio on Apple Music while working.

It reminds me of all the things I hate about radio.

Day 6: Seasonal

You find inspiration in the oddest places. Here we have the Omni Nashville Hotel at sunset. I just loved how the sun was hitting the building and the colours in the trees.

Maybe I’m overthinking it, but I feel like I’m not creative enough to find something to fit the theme for the photo challenge today…Maybe I’m just lacking inspiration, as I haven’t been outside since I got to work this morning?