So, I’ve been out of the MacOS game for a little over two years (since the iPad Pro was launched). What are some essentials that I need to buy/download? Any and all recommendations are appreciated.

Obligatory “Hello from the Mac App”post.

Definitely enjoying my new MBP with Touch Bar. No sticky keys…yet.

There’s always a sense of joy and wonder when discovering a new coffee place. I’m going through that right now with a new place I found across the street from my office. Excellent coffee and wraps, and they’re inexpensive!

I am also thinking of moving all my writing to Sync in Progress as well. Might as well use WordPress for what it was created for…

I think I’m at a point now where I’d like to start microcasting again. I just need to find a better platform to host/serve the files. Not really wanting to use Wordpress or a 3rd party (except for if/when that gets turned on).

I’m kind of disappointed in myself for just now (re)discovering Porcupine Tree. I saw Greg Howard open for them back in the day at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood, but left after Greg’s set. Tried to listen to ‘In Absentia’ after the show and wasn’t a fan. Just listened to it again today, and it blew my mind.

Watching these so-called “tech experts” on the news (both local and national) makes me wish I actually did something with my Journalism degree…

I decided I’m going to attempt to write a book. It’ll be fiction, and based in an existing semi-fictional universe. I’m not quite ready to get into specifics, as I don’t have very many, but it should be a fun adventure (both the writing and the story).