I hope that all these people that are deleting their Facebook accounts realize that they also should be deleting their Instagram accounts, since, you know, Facebook owns Instagram too.

Just sayin’…

Don’t kill me…

In trying a new home screen layout, inspired by one that I saw where there are no icons on the screen, except for in the dock (my 3 most used and a folder with the rest), I have taken to not force-quitting my apps.

It’s hard, but rewarding.

Decided to go caseless on my iPhone X today. This is the first time I haven’t had a case on this phone. It’s quite interesting how different the phone looks and feels without it.

You never know how out of shape you are until you have to climb 12 flights of stairs, and then come back down a floor at a time, while inspecting a 150+ room hotel.

At least I know I’ll sleep well tonight…

I’ve been busy today…

Just sent the new version of The Weekly Sync to my subscribers.

Thank you to everyone who has subscribed! If you haven’t, feel free to! It’s free, and I don’t spam you. I barely even send it weekly!

There is an electric car in space. Launched by a rocket with reused parts that landed back on earth by a billionaire who wants to colonize Mars.

We’re in peak 21st Century now, boys.


HomePod orders are still delivering 2/9. I think I’ll hold off until people starting getting units and are able to really play with it.