This is the most Nashville thing I’ve seen in a long time…

(I actually know the guy in the photo)

I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of Hi-Res Audio, using a Fiio M9 and a Qobuz Studio subscription.

It’s been a journey that has brought back the sheer joy in listening to music again. I thought I had a lost my “producer’s ear” over the years, but it sounds like it’s still there!

I need to think of a name for a new drink…Disaronno mixed with the new Orange Vanilla Coke.

One of the best parts about living in the country…

Bella and Flynn think it’s a beautiful morning too…

@ Belle Meade Plantation

Another fun build. Took me 4 days (averaged one bag a day), 3 hours a day.

Hell has frozen over..I’m at a Maroon 5 concert.

The name “iPhone XS” just sounds like a Las Vegas nightclub to me.