Let’s play “Spot the Kitty”…

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am that King Crimson is now on Apple Music! Not that I don’t have all of their albums, but it’s a big move considering Robert Fripp was always against streaming music services.

#1 - Review The Rewind

New microcast (if that’s what we’re calling it now). New ideas. Old stories.

I’ve got some new ideas for this site, and cast, after thinking about it obsessively for the past 2 days.

Summer has come to the Rooftop @ the Bobby Hotel

Opened a 3 year old (plastic) bottle of Crystal Pepsi. It was flat, and tasted like plastic. Then, I opened a 2 year old (glass) bottle of Coke, and it was still fizzy and tasted great. 🧐

New toy for the summer…(cameo by Bella)

I call this one “The Ocean’s 11 Shot”.

(Taken from the Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay)

Enjoying the beautiful weather, and my awesome backyard.

Soda Springs

Another spot I’ve never been out to. Soda Springs is at the end of, perhaps, the most famous road in the Southwest…Zzyzx Road.

It is actually the Desert Research Center for UC San Bernardino, but it also used to be a Hot Springs resort back in the day.

The location is very post-apocalyptic in looks, but is some of the most beautiful desert I have ever seen.

Cameos by my wife, and brother-in-law.

All photos shot on the iPhone XS Max, with no editing or cropping. That’ll come later…

Neon Boneyard

I lived in Las Vegas for 9 years, and it took me coming back 6 years after I moved to finally see this.