Just realized that all my working titles for stuff I’m working on could all be episode titles for ‘Friends’. I might keep it that way…(i.e. The One with the Titles from Friends).

Started using Day One to log my daily activities at the new job. I’m using it to keep track of what I did for the day, as well as keeping a photo journal of any pictures that I took that day. It’s a nice way to reflect on what happened during the previous day…

Never really had a need for it until now, but WiFi Calling is amazing if you don’t have cell service (for like when you’re working in the basement of a hotel).

Just thinking…it’s a bit odd that three of the four major jobs I’ve held in my life, I’ve started on September 5th. It’s a bit more odd since it’s my late father’s birthday.

Went to go take a picture of my cats because of the way their tails were laying, and Clarice didn’t like it…(she was actually yawning right when I took the pic)

I’ve been a bit absent from social media for the past week or so. I’ve been playing around with my new Raspberry Pi 3. Just got it up and running as an ADS-B receiver on FlightAware. This is my ADS-B feeder page on FA.

If you need to be convinced that Gabriel Macht wouldn’t be amazing as a live action Sterling Archer, just watch the first scene of this season of Suits.